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I'm Sanju - a passionate tinkerer and avid engineer. Not much has changed since I first began building motorized cardboard vehicle prototypes at 6 years old - besides the scope, complexity, materials, validation, and implementation of my projects. Now I utilize my skills as a Mechanical Engineer/Product Designer to create technical solutions for my hobbies. From a modular auxiliary electrical system for my overlanding rig Panda, to a novel portable triple-monitor setup (Xtend), I spend my time designing and building impactful projects at the crossroads of innovation and function. 

As a Product Design Engineer at Apple, I'm able to apply these same skills to design and implement hardware solutions for products like the iMac Pro, Apple TV, and Pro Display XDR. 



Meet Panda - a 2018 Toyota 4Runner that has become a platform for my technical experimentation. In an effort to reach the most breathtaking views, Panda has undergone significant modifications. From a modular auxiliary electrical system controlling power distribution to several new accessories, to a collection of cameras fully integrated into the OEM head unit, there have been many upgrades to the technical systems in the vehicle. On the mechanical side, skid plates, rock sliders, wheels, tires, roof rack, bumper, and winch are just a few of the additions that make Panda overlanding-worthy. You can read more about the unique modification on the Overlanding Rig page!

Xtend is a project that was born out of necessity - bridging the gap between portability and productivity. After creating a workflow using multiple displays in my dorm in undergrad, I needed to find a way to make a portable version to use when working elsewhere. 

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